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About us

Who We Are

SafeSpace™ Institute, founded by Integrative Psychotherapist and Trauma Expert, Melissa Lapides, is an online based community and educational campus. We teach a comprehensive framework for psychological safety and trauma informed healing and practices based on the proprietary SAFE™ Method, a unique and experiential training, which is the foundation of our curriculum. Our belief is that optimal mental wellness is non-negotiable in this day and age and needs to be normalized and integrated into business and society as a whole.

What we do

Our Core Programs at Safespace™

Corporate Leadership

In this program, you will be a more adaptable and resilient leader which will reduce stress and create a healthy work environment so you can retain key talent and stop feeling overwhelmed.

Advanced Trauma-Informed Coaching

Our comprehensive, experiential training for coaches to become trauma-informed, deepen their ability to support transformation in their clients and have an embodied and ethical business.

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“57% of U.S. workers reported feeling daily stress, up by eight percentage points from the prior year." (Gallup’s State of the Global Workplace: 2021 Report)

Does any of this sound Familiar?

  • You are constantly giving and know your mental health is slowly deteriorating but aren’t sure how to tackle it with everything else on your plate
  • You deal with so many different personalities and don’t know how to navigate them all and draw healthy boundaries
  • You care so much about your team and want to lead the way you know you’re capable of but after taking what seems like every leadership training out there, you still feel like something’s missing

You’re exactly where you need to be.

At SafeSpace Institute, we will help you to create a more trauma-sensitive culture from the top down

Let SafeSpace™ Institute show you how to do your part.You are needed now more than ever.

We will teach you how to prioritize mental health, stop perpetuating psychological harm that you may not even have been aware you are doing and to create a life and business that is free of chaos and drama.

Hear From Our Students

Melissa Has Been Featured On

As an industry leader in trauma-healing and leadership coaching, Melissa’s presence and guidance is welcomed amongst shows within her industry. Below, you may listen to some of Melissa’s appearances on various empowerment podcasts.

Podcast appearances

How to Overcome Your Self-Doubt and Claim Your Value in the Marketplace

How to Overcome Your Self-Doubt and Claim Your Value in the Marketplace

How to Overcome Your Self-Doubt and Claim Your Value in the Marketplace