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SafeSpace™ Institute, founded by Integrative Psychotherapist and Trauma Expert, Melissa Lapides, is an online based community and educational campus. We teach a comprehensive framework for psychological safety and trauma informed healing and practices based on the proprietary SAFE™ Method, a unique and experiential training, which is the foundation of our curriculum. Our belief is that optimal mental wellness is non-negotiable in this day and age and needs to be normalized and integrated into business and society as a whole.

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Let SafeSpace™ Institute show you how to do your part.You are needed now more than ever!

We will teach you how to prioritize mental health, stop perpetuating psychological harm that you may not even have been aware you are doing and to create a life and business that is free of chaos and drama.

Meet Our Team

Melissa Lapides, Founder, LMFT

As someone who has always cared about the wellbeing of humanity and has been through an enormous amount of personal suffering, I always knew I was here for something BIG. That deep faith brought me on a wild and windy road that led me to this GIANT VISION that I can not shake: to take a stand for the importance of mental health and emotional education being brought to the forefront of humanity.

I spent the last 25 years studying human behaviour, psychology, trauma and psychoneuroimmunology. I have done cross-cultural and integrative studies on healing the psyche and nervous system and through this journey came up with the SAFE™ method for individuals to break generational trauma (something we all have) and heal society’s mental health crisis.

Brittany Zeman, Business and Operations Manager

After almost a decade of being in the online industry and seeing so much harm perpetuated, I knew that there was another way. My passion has always been to support leaders in creating a world in which is filled with authenticity, integrity and a deep level of being seen and heard. Combining my experience with managing an online business and years of education in healing modalities (energy work, trauma, attachment, hypnotherapy, life coaching, neuro-linguistic programming and more), I melding these together to create a beautiful, integrity-led, ecological and trauma safe business operations/management.

Natalie Lapides

Hi there, I’m Natalie Lapides, and I’m the Digital Marketer at SafeSpace Institute. Working with Melissa Lapides and our programs is a deeply meaningful experience for me, as Melissa is not only my aunt but also a tremendous source of inspiration and support. She has played a pivotal role in helping me heal from my own trauma and transform it into a powerful success story.In 2022, I graduated from UCLA with a B.A. in Sociology, and initially pursued a career as an Executive Assistant. However, I soon realized that this path was not fulfilling for me. Since joining SafeSpace Institute, I’ve discovered my passion for creativity and collaboration, and I feel incredibly connected to my team. Together, we work to make a positive impact in the world.

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